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Content editing for everyone. Pause or cancel anytime.

Your flexible and creative postproduction solution without the headcount or overheads.




In today's fast-paced world with short attention spans and intense competition, we support you by improving three key elements for successful content:

quality, visibility and entertainment.

Fab Shakes is the perfect editing subscription service that seamlessly enhances your social media content and engagement.

Want your brand communication visuals polished and levelled up? We can do that too!

  • In the kingdom of brand communication value content rules, but visual quality is the crown jewel.

  • To have the right video cover/thumbnail for each platform is important and the first seconds when playing should act as a scroll stopper.

    Captions and subtitles will make it accessible for all.

  • Keep your audience engaged with a hook, music, sound and animation effects.

    And change what the audience is seeing every 5 sec at least.

Your images upgraded by a professional retoucher


Your raw video edited and structured for performance


Logo, subtitles, animation, we make your ad ready to share



Retouching photos, editing videos, gifs, subtitles or motion graphics, we have specialists for each and the newest production tools.

Most formats

All your content for the month is ready? Simply pause your subscription and use the remaining time of your cycle later whenever you want.

Pause or cancel anytime

You'll get a dedicated private board where you and your team can enter unlimited requests.

We will edit them one by one.

Unlimited requests

No meetings or endless calls, totally asnyc. All communication  in one place. Connect at any time.

Time effective

All information, tasks, updates and sucprition management in your private dashboard.

Easy access

Unlimited revision until you're totally happy with it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • And tell us what is important for you like target, brandguide etc.

    All communication is centralized in your dashboard.

  • Give us 24-48h, we'll do the magic. You'll get notified when ready for you to download!

  • You will be notified when your new assets are ready and you can directly download and use them.

    Or you can ask for changes of course, it's unlimited.


Pause or cancel anytime.


Monthly editing subscription at a flat rate.

£ 1,490/m

£ 990/m

Limited places!

Starting Offer


Unlimited requests

Editing, retouching & animation

One active request at a time

Average 24-48h turnaround

Invite team members

Pause or cancel anytime

Easy credit card payment

Stock footage, music & graphics


You don't have to go it alone.

Get unstuck. Let us help turn your content into leads.

  • The button is greyed out, what does this mean?
    To ensure quality and delivery times we only accept a certain number of subscription partners. Once a certain certain capacity is reached, we will temporarily stop accepting new subscriptions until we can guarantee the same level of service for new partners.
  • Can I pause or cancel my subscription?
    Yes of course, and very easily! If you have only a few edits to do or once all your requests are done for the month, you can simply pause your subscription. Your remaining days are based on a billing cycle of 31 days, so you can unpause at any time to use your remaining time of service. The price of the subscription plan continues being the same once you unpause, even if our actual prices are higher. If you want to cancel this will end your subscription at the end of your billing month cycle. If you want to come back later you can simply subscribe again. Both can easily be done anytime in your private Stripe account via the link always available also in your dashboard.
  • Why is this cost effective?
    Hiring internal editors as employees will cost you way more and does not include overheads, equipment, software and training. We can offer these prices because you will share the same editors working for our own brand, Fab Agency.
  • What are your opening hours?
    We are based in London, so we might not be awake at the same time. But with our system you can access your dashboard, submit tasks or download finished files at any time you want.
  • How many edits can I have per month?
    With your active subscription, you can add as many editing requests as you like. We will work on them one by one and upload them to your private folder. Average turnaround is 24-48h but might be longer for very specific tasks of course. In that case you will be notified upfront!
  • Do you accept all work?
    No, if a request or the material sent to edit isn't aligned with our values and ethics, we reserve the right to refuse to work on it. If this happens too often we will also cancel the subscription.
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